10 Online Furniture Brands With Customizable Couches for Picky Decorators

Your furniture says a lot about you, and these sofa brands know that. They'll customize your perfect couch — and make it comfy, too.

So you’re intrigued by the idea of ordering a customizable couch from an online furniture company, but you’re worried their quality won’t match your sophisticated tastes? 

Fret no further. There are several brands that can suit your high end preferences, and we’ve scoured the online furniture realm to find them for you. These customizable couches are sure to satisfy even the most finicky decorator among us. Come peruse our fabulous finds!


With a nod to the household with kids or fur babies (or both), Burrow makes customizable couches, chairs, ottomans, and sectionals for real life living. You can test out how your favorite fabric color looks on your furniture, as well as leg color, or adjust the size, and even flip the cushions right on the site to see how your inspiration works out before buying. 

To demonstrate Burrow's custom options, here’s their sofa in crushed gravel with regular brown legs:

And here it is in beige with black legs:

And here it is in navy with a lighter leg color:

And in brick red with the brown legs again:

If you’re still not sure on the color, you can request a swatch sample to see it in person.

You can also see how it looks in a larger or smaller size:

And with or without an ottoman or chaise:

Flip the cushions to check how it looks with only the ‘untufted’ side showing:

And opt for either low or high armrests (low are above; high are below):

If you want to make certain your piece will fit in your home where you want it to, there’s a handy measurement guide as well:

Play around with the options here to find your favorite style! 

They also have an AR app you can download to see how the piece looks in your home. 

And for those who like to work from home, they’ve hidden USB chargers in select pieces so you won’t run out of battery checking emails on the couch. Brilliant!

You won’t need a team of bodybuilders to take apart and move your Burrow furniture, either. It’s super easy to put together and disassemble, requiring no tools and only about 10 minutes of your time. 

When you’re ready to order, head on over. Burrow offers free shipping on all orders, a 30-day risk-free in-home trial, and a 1-year limited warranty on parts and manufacturing. Their return policy is explained here.

Burrow specs:

  • Price: Prices range from armchairs at $495 to the largest sectionals at $1795.
  • Does Burrow offer white glove delivery? Assembly? Shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states and Burrow leaves your boxed sofa at your doorstep if you aren't home - or you can request a signature requirement. There is no white glove delivery offered, but there's an easy assembly video you can follow.
  • Will Burrow have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? They are in stock and should arrive 2 - 5 days after shipping begins, unless you live in a very remote area where it could take a few days longer.
  • Does Burrow offer customization options? You can customize the fabric color, leg color, type of armrest, pairing with an ottoman or chaise (for some), and you can add or remove seats to make larger or smaller sofas as you wish.
  • Are Burrow's fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Burrow extensively tests their products for durability, stain resistance, and pet scratch-ability to create furniture for families with modern lives.
  • Does Burrow have any physical showrooms? You can visit their NYC headquarters by appointment, and they also partner with others' showrooms in various states. Check here for one near you.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? There’s a 1-year limited warranty on parts and manufacturing and a 30-day risk free trial. Return policy info is here.


  • Easy assembly with helpful how-to videos 
  • Chic designs are easily changeable when you need it (i.e. larger/smaller sofas)
  • Prices are kept affordable by skipping showroom costs
  • Built-in plug-ins and USB ports in some models are a nice touch of tech integration


  • Limited selection 
  • Cushions are comfy, but not for sleeping on for any extended time
  • Shipping dates may take longer than expected

Bottom Line:

If your apartment door is a tight squeeze and you foresee a few moves in your future, go with these. They're easy to assemble, more affordable than similar options, and you'll likely be satisfied.


Article makes a ton of furniture — several different kinds of sofas, loveseats, sectionals, ottomans, and sofa beds, as well as numerous styles of tables, chairs, bedroom pieces, rugs, decor, and more. 

And each piece is customizable in its own unique way; either by color, fabric, leg color, or otherwise.

Wanna see how easy it is to customize furniture on the the Article site? Check it out:

Let’s start exploring with a peek at the sofas. Here are just a few of their styles:

As you can see, there is quite a variety. 

We liked the price on the Volu in Licorice Cream, so we dove in for details:

You can view the piece from all angles (neat-o!) as well as in different colors and even close-up to see the fabric and leg detail.


If you like what you see, you can scroll down for details on the piece, such as the measurements of each side and what materials were used in its construction.

Article even shows you other pieces that work well with your item, and any photos shared by others who’ve purchased it for inspiration.

And finally, you can read through reviews on each item to see what people think who’ve bought it already.

When you’re ready to buy, Article has something to fit almost any budget, and delivery options are discussed here - one example is shown below. 

Happy shopping!

Article specs:

  • Price: Prices range from ottomans at $399 to the most expensive sofas at $3899.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? You choose your own shipping option here with Article. White glove delivery is available for $169.
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? You can enter your zip code under each product after clicking on its page to see whether it's in stock and how long delivery is anticipated to take.
  • Do they offer customization options? Yes, you can select from several fabric color options under each product on the site. Some products also allow customization of leg color, and more.
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? This is not specifically mentioned, but most of Article's outdoor furniture is moisture-resistant and colorfast.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? No.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? There’s a 1-year limited warranty on defects and workmanship and a 30-day risk free trial. Returns are explained here.


  • Large selection
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Dimensions included so you can measure your room/doorways to make sure products will fit
  • Affordable compared to similar options 


  • Be careful when cleaning, and be sure to use only cleaning products they recommend on their site. Ask if you need to 

Bottom Line:

High quality, and built to last. If you find it isn't for you, there's a 30-day refund policy. May as well go for it!

Campaign Living 

Campaign Living makes seating — chairs, loveseats, and sofas — and that’s it. 

Their name comes from the British military’s ‘campaign furniture’ of the 19th-20th centuries, made for ease of assembly to be efficiently transported with them as they travelled. 

Here’s what we learned shopping on their site:

You can see how the item looks in the different weaves available:

And with different legs as well:

Still can’t decide on the fabric? Order up to 5 free swatches to feel them in person.

With Campaign Living, you can also swap out your cover set for another one if you get tired of the first fabric you selected, or if it becomes damaged over time.

Cover sets are available in all the same fabric choices offered when you chose your first item (i.e. flat weaves and brushed weaves in 7 color choices each, and merino weaves in 3 color choices).

You can also opt for leg replacements over time with a choice of oak with a mahogany stain or maple.

Jazz up your seating choice with a few accent pillows, available in your choice of fabric (velvet, micro-velvet, vegan leather, etc.), size and color as well.

Further questions can be directed here, where you’ll find instructions on fabric care, setup, construction materials of each product, and more.

Campaign specs:

  • Price: Range from chairs at $595 to sofas at $1295. Extra cover sets start at $245 and pillows start at $49.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? No, but assembly is simple and demonstrated in a video here.
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping?  Orders typically take 5 -7 business days to reach you once processed.
  • Do they offer customization options? You can choose from several colors and 3 types of weave for your fabric: flat, merino, and brushed. You can also choose the type of legs you like on many items.
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Most fabrics repel liquids and are easily vacuumed. Replaceable cover sets and legs are also available.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? No, but they partner with ‘outposts’ in some states, and you can use this locator to find one near you. They'll be at Batch in San Francisco until 8/11/2018, and you can make an appointment here.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? For 14 days, you can try out their product. If you don’t like it, return it to them in the original packaging for a full refund within that 14 days.


  • Shipping is free
  • Their frames are guaranteed for life
  • Covers are swappable anytime
  • Assembles easily in about 15 minutes


  • Very limited selection
  • Nothing to pair with their pieces
  • Expensive compared to similar brands

Bottom Line:

Similar to IKEA, but cheaper. If you're satisfied with their limited selection and found a piece you like, might as well grab it — their catalog is said to be growing, so you'll likely find more if you visit in the future. 


If you can name it, Joybird probably makes it. Here’s a glimpse of the numerous furniture and decor categories you can browse on their site:

And here are just a few of their collection types, from which you can select your own style, cushion, and leg:

Beside collections, you can shop by color, style, or pieces that fit into small spaces on the Joybird site. 

Want to get into our shopping trip on the site with us? Let’s start with our goal - find a couch for our favorite finicky decorator. I’ve got just the one in mind!

We went with the Welles, of course:

as it’s sufficiently fancy for our persnickety friend. However, we wanted to change the color, so we started customizing:

We opted for the richest, deepest red we could find, which will cost us an extra $150 for the customization. The Key Largo Ruby with the Mocha wood stained legs is our style, and, as you can see, they show 7 different angles of the piece:

Nifty! Now what if we want to add an accent piece? Let’s check out the Welles ottomans next:

We liked the style of the item, but weren’t sure we wanted that color. 

We really didn’t want another red piece either, since we were hoping for an accent piece. We tried the Cordova Eclipse, which can be added for an extra $50:

Very nice. Then we looked at the Bentley Indigo, which goes for another $75:

Another gorgeous, rich shade. 

But, sadly, when we went to check out the Welles leather ottoman options, we found we were out of luck:

We ultimately went with the Cordova Eclipse, as we didn’t want to wait until the leather became available. Now let’s check out our total. With our 30% discounts factored in, we’re at $3,009 - perfect for our imaginary furniture shopping budget! So, let’s grab another accent piece to complete the look.

We scanned the Customer Photo Gallery to see what others had done with their Welles, and got some good ideas:

Browsed through the accent pillows and then the throws, and decided we liked the super soft-looking Lark throw:

And an Ilse rug to tie it all together:

But then we decided it looked a little too busy, so decided to try something else.

(Don’t forget, you can get design help from Joybird with no obligation to buy here. We’re still going to try to find our accent piece on our own today, though)

Then I had a ‘Eureka’ moment. Remember when I said we could shop by color? Well, let’s try it with the Cordova Eclipse color of our ottoman. Turns out there’s a lot of stuff in that color - more than we even had time to look through (just give it a scroll to see for yourself!) We ended up choosing the decorative round pillows to complete our look:

Excellent! We’re ordering now, but first we’ll need to check Joybird’s fit guide to make sure our furniture will fit through our doors!

Still not sure on the fabric you want for your items? Request a swatch sample kit to help you decide.

Here’s where you can check out Joybird in person:

Keep an eye out for Joybird’s first showroom of their own to open in Brooklyn sometime during the summer of 2018.

Joybird specs:

  • Price: Small sofas start at $1200 and range up to $4000 sectionals. Sleeper sofas are $1900 - 3700.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? Yes, for a fee, explained here. This includes disposal of packaging for you - but not your old sofa. 
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? It takes about 4-8 weeks or longer for each piece to be custom made, depending on the product. Shipping time may take an additional week or two.
  • Do they offer customization options? Yes, on fabric and leg color choices.
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Yes to all. Look for their special logo to identify their most pet/kid-friendly fabrics as you browse. 
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? No, but their products are featured at HOME in NYC, and there should be a Joybird showroom opening this summer.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? Yes, they offer a *1 year* trial period. If returns are made within 14 days, you’ll get the full amount of your refund. After that, you’ll get the full amount minus return shipping costs. Get warranty details on their Warranty page.


  • The one year trial period is excellent
  • Many fabrics to choose from
  • Each category has numerous designs available in a wide assortment of colors


  • Shipping time is lengthy as well as returns
  • After two weeks, you pay return shipping fees
  • Pricey compared to similar options

Bottom Line:

The one year warranty makes this brand especially tempting. Try to keep your decision within the initial 14 days if you can, though, or pay shipping fees on the return.

BenchMade Modern

Shop for sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, chaises, sofa beds, beds, pillows, and more at BenchMade Modern — where they’ll create your piece customized to order! 

Come shop with us on the site! You can browse by the furniture type you want, or by collection:

Here’s how it works at BenchMade Modern.

Sounds good, so we kicked things off with the Skinny Fat sofa, our favorite style from the BenchMade Modern collections:

But we went with a deep, dark red instead of the blue - we chose the Graham Red:

And for an extra $100, we opted for the Honey-Alder leg finish:

We kept the measurements where they are, 94 inches, as that’s perfect for our sofa, and then opted for the ‘extra deep’ seat.

And our shopping cart looks just right:

If you want to make sure your piece will fit in the desired area of your home, you can request a lifesize printout of the blueprint, cut to the actual dimensions, to roll out in your home. 

If you want to make sure about your fabric, order some swatches first:

Need design ideas? Browse their Instagram! You can click on any room to go in closer to see how they decorated with BenchMade Modern — or share your creativity with others!

Keep in mind curbside delivery is free and arrives up to a week faster than white glove delivery. Enjoy!

BenchMade Modern specs: 

  • Price: Prices range between $800 and $3000. Pillows are $42.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? White glove delivery is $200 and curbside delivery is free.
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? You’ll wait about a month for customizing, maybe longer for premium fabrics or leathers.
  • Do they offer customization options? There's a choice of fabrics and fabric color, leg color/type, size, and sometimes depth of the seat. 
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Darker fabrics or leathers are recommended on the site if you have children or pets, most specifically their Graham, Vince, Alina, and Zelda fabrics.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? No.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? There's a lifetime warranty on frames and a one year warranty on manufacturing. Details can be found here. Their refund policy is 100 days.


  • Customization is high quality 
  • The return policy is outstanding
  • Chic, contemporary design
  • Simple to assemble


  • Confusion with customer service on delivery dates has occurred
  • Long wait times 

Bottom Line:

A superior product with decent warranties and return policies. Keep your expectations realistic on delivery times and you'll likely be happy with this brand.  


Global furniture favorite IKEA never disappoints (well, seldom anyway), offering stylish, minimalist designs and easy assembly with customized colors and more. The Swedish-founded multinational group makes products for every room you’ve got, and was 2008’s largest furniture retailer in the world.

You can browse by room or product on their catalog site, or scroll through to get ideas from their beautifully decorated pages.

We opted to browse by product since we’re seeking a sofa and its best to see the collection together at once. Here we arrived at the sofas and sleeper sofas.

After browsing for a while, we decided on the Landskrona:

But we liked it better in white:

With metal legs:

And we could get a few different angles to view the piece, as well as close up, which was nice:

The delivery fee is only $59 - very reasonable — so we’re checking out! 

With excellent return and warranty policies, you really can’t go wrong with IKEA!

IKEA specs:

  • Price: Sofas range from $119 to $2800, and there's a vast range on other items - see the full catalog for further details.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly?  In-home assembly, when available, ranges from $89 - $779. Small item delivery is offered at a flat rate of $9. Next day delivery and same day delivery are offered as well, but may vary upon your location. Here is the full list of their services. 
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? Check your store locator to find out if your nearest store has them in stock.
  • Do they offer customization options? Yes, cover colors on sofas and chairs, size and style of bed bases and mattresses. 
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? This is not mentioned specifically.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? There are many throughout the world. Use this store locator to find your nearest spot.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? Warranties are discussed here. Refunds are possible within 365 days with proof of purchase, but mattresses can only be exchanged for another mattress.


  • Engineering and design are top notch
  • Superb quality products
  • Massive selection
  • Somewhat easy assembly, when you're familiar with the process 


  • Check reputation of local assemblers before ordering, unless you can assemble yourself
  • Ordering process at some stores takes a while
  • Distance to the nearest store may limit efficiency

Bottom Line:

IKEA is a great choice if you're confident with your assembly skills or you trust the local assemblers to put your product together.


Furniture makers Roger Hazard (formerly of A&E’s show Sell This House) and Chris Stout-Hazard vow to create ‘unboring homes,’ with a website searchable by furniture type, section type, collection name, color, and material. You can also get design tips of various kinds.

Now let’s get to shopping!

Look at sofas:

Or jump to armchairs:

Or sectionals:

With several ongoing shows and projects in the works for Roger and Chris, you can read about each one here.

So without further ado, let’s get to finding our sofa!

We chose to search by sofa, and scrolled down until our heart stopped at the lovely Lucille:

We knew this was our sofa, so we clicked in to ‘photos, options, and prices’ for more info:

We found out our sofa was customizable in several ways:

With these lovely choices:

But one thing to note — while you can shop online, Roger + Chris want to speak with you on the phone or email to confirm your order before they start making it. There you can clarify the details and ask all your questions in person. 

To take the mystery out of pricing, there’s a handy chart:

Roger + Chris request half of your total payment up front and the other half when your order ships. 

Roger + Chris specs:

  • Price:  Range from $1700-4800
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? They work with 3 different shipping companies, each witih different provisions. Check them out here.
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? You'll most likely receive it within 50 days of your order. Each piece is made from scratch, so it takes a little longer - but it's worth the wait!
  • Do they offer customization options? Fabric color or leather and finishing options like leg color and nail head trim are customized.  
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Yes, their site states they use easily-cleaned, stain-resistant fabrics and leathers
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? No
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty?  Roger + Chris want to speak with you on the phone or email to confirm your order before they start making it. There you can clarify the details and ask all your questions in person.  Shipping options are discussed here, and you can request swatch samples here. Warranty and return policies can be read about here and here.


  • Elegant, unique, made-to-order pieces
  • Great personalized attention to detail
  • Lots to choose from


  • You need to speak directly with them to confirm your order; some may not like this
  • Somewhat pricey compared to other online options

Bottom Line:

These are higher end pieces with stellar attention to detail. If you're in the right price range and agree with the shipping arrangements, we think you should try it!



Choose from dozens of customization options at BuildASofa, an Austin, Texas furniture company that’s been in business since 1996:

It’s extremely easy to select what you want for your perfect sofa at BuildASofa. With plenty of options to choose from, an easy website to navigate, and prices you can afford, we think you’ll enjoy a browse through BuildASofa! 

Now let’s start shopping their site!

You can get ideas from what past customers have done with their furniture:

And scroll through their most popular models for inspiration:

We decided to get to shopping, and chose our favorite look - The Kensington:

And we tried some different colors, finally deciding on Key Largo Grass - but the site didn’t change the sofa color for us like the earlier ones did. Sad trombone! (The good news is: you can order a swatch sample to see if you really like your fabric in person before ordering.)

The same lack of change occurred when we picked our natural wood color for the legs. Oh, well.

Third, we picked our layout, which was 1 arm chaise, 1 arm piece (tentative prices are listed below each layout):

Then we picked our cushion type, and opted for traditional:

Last, we looked through all customization options on a checklist:

BUT, as you can see, for the actual price, we need to write in for a quote. For time's sake, let’s see what a little investigating can do.

The FAQs tell us almost everything we need to know, starting with further pricing details:

Hope you like your BuildASofa experience!

BuildASofa specs:

  • Price:  Standard sofas start at $1595 and premium range up to $3790. See full pricing details here.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? Threshold or premium delivery options are offered. Threshold is free of charge and brings your item through the door, but you put on your own legs and throw all trash away yourself. Premium costs $149 and assembles your item for you. They also remove all garbage. 
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? It should take between 5-14 days to reach you after your place your order. Customized pieces can take 2 - 6 weeks longer.
  • Do they offer customization options? Yes, fabric color, wood leg color and nail head color.
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? They offer Masterguard protection for a fee.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? Yes, in Austin, Texas.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? There is a limited lifetime warranty, details here


  • Easy customization
  • Nice selection of colors and fabrics, etc.
  • Removal of tufting and different leg color choices are free of charge


  • Fabric guard costs extra
  • Long wait times for some customization
  • Pricier than some similar options

Bottom Line:

These are ok if you don't mind the wait or spending more for fabric guard. We think you'll be smart to stop into their showroom first if you're in Austin.

Hickory Chair

With over a century of experience in customizing furniture, Hickory Chair of Hickory, North Carolina promises a product ‘made to order and made to last’. 

With options to browse through custom seating, tables and chests, dining room and kitchen furnishings, and more, and although you can browse and customize freely online, you’ll need to  hook up with a physical location to finalize the sale. 

Care to join us for some fun customizing online with Hickory Chair? 

We decided to get into the custom seating for what we need today:

We clicked straight into the sofas and couches section, and viewed numerous designs available for customization. Here are some of them:

We chose the Kent Sofa from the 1911 Collection:

, and clicked in to personalize it:

First, we selected the body color:

Then we chose a darker seat cushion for contrast:

Then we chose a different pillow pattern for further contrast:

We stayed with the default finishing option of dark walnut legs.

If you want to see how your piece would look in your room, you can launch the ‘room planner’ here. For further personalization, you can launch their online upholstery studio or wood products design studio:

Once you’ve chosen your customization, you must find the closest showroom to you to finalize it. Here’s the location finder.

Further questions can be directed to their customer service department here.

Happy customizing!

Hickory Chair specs: 

  • Price:  Contact them for pricing details at a local store.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? Local retailers determine these specifics with you when you place your order.
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? Most wood products, fabric, upholstery and frames are in stock, so most items can be shipped within 4-6 weeks.
  • Do they offer customization options? Yes, there are hundreds of fabrics and leathers to choose from, and you can even provide your own fabric to use.
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Some are more than others; please refer to the back of your swatch sample for details on each fabric or contact the customer service department for guidance at 800-225-0265.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? Yes, numerous (shared space with other stores usually). See Store Locator.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? There is no written warranty. Hickory Chair stands behind its products for one year, and they are made to last many generations with proper care. 


  • These are heirloom quality pieces made to last several generations
  • Customization options are impressive
  • Many stores throughout the country carry Hickory Chair products so you may experience them in person


  • Expensive
  • Must finalize order with a local store 

Bottom Line:

If you're interested in a fine, heirloom product with customization options, and price is not a concern, you're in luck with Hickory Chair. Visit a shared space near you to test them out!

Z Gallerie

Keeping it simple, Z Gallerie offers easy customization online in 3 steps, with a wide array of choices on the fabrics as well as the details. 

Ready to try out the site with us? We decided to dive right in and click on the custom sofas, sectionals, and chairs category:

Once inside, there was a vast array of style choices. Here are just a few of them:

We decided to go for the Luka:

Which includes views of different angles on the design:

And a section on fabric care, dimensions, etc.:

We tried a few colors, like opulent blueberry:

But finally decided on opulent seal:

So we added it to our cart, but opted to continue shopping. That couch needs some accent pillows, doesn’t it?

We really liked the Navan, but... 

Decided we could get 2 of the Danica for the same price as one Navan, so we got 2 Danicas:

Here’s my final bill with my 15% furniture discount promo code applied (always read the sales and discount ads at the top!):


But the shipping charges make us significantly less happy:

At least we got a discount first! You can, however, have orders shipped to a local Z Gallerie store to be picked up free of charge. (if you have a truck and can lift the furniture you ordered, this might be your best bet!)

Anyway - You can track your order here, and their refund policy is explained here. Want to check out a Z Gallerie location near you? Try their locator.

  • Price:  Starts as low as chairs for $299 and ranges as high as sectionals for $5744.
  • Do they offer white glove delivery? Assembly? No, but they offer free shipping to your local Z Gallerie (if you can pick it up there, this is probably your best bet). Otherwise they offer shipping to your doorstep based on location, but is not free and varies considerably. There's a rate chart here.
  • Will they have my products in-stock, or will I need to wait for them to build my order before shipping? Custom orders and direct ship purchases are not in stock and will ship appx 4 - 6 weeks from date of order.
  • Do they offer customization options? Yes, lots of fabric customization options.
  • Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Kid-friendly? Pet-friendly? Not mentioned specifically, but fabrics are under warranty for one year.
  • Do they have any physical showrooms? Yes numerous.
  • Is there an in-home trial offered? Warranty? No trial. Stock furniture is refundable within 14 days of sale, while customized furniture is cancellable within 3 days of sale. Details on refunds and exchanges are explained here.


  • Large selection
  • They make furniture for all rooms, outdoors, and offices
  • Lots of physical showrooms so you can check it out in person before purchase


  • No in-home trials
  • Refunds only available within 14 days of purchase

Bottom Line:

This is great if you live near a physical location and can pick up your customized furniture from there yourself. Shipping fees otherwise are steep.

Now that we’ve shown you our best of customized couches you can find online, which ones will you choose? Surely even the most finicky of decorators found one they liked in there. Let us know what worked and what didn’t!


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