8 Online Furniture Stores That Allow You to Finance Your Purchase

When you really really want that couch from the online furniture store delivered, but your bank account says,

Do  you really really love that living room set you just saw online with a bunch of customization options and gorgeous fabric colors to choose from — all deliverable to your front door? Maybe, though, you just don't have enough in your budget right now to buy it. Been there, done that. 

But fret no longer! Many of the new online furniture shops offer financing through nifty partners like Affirm and AfterPay, and we've done a search through some of the top brands to find out which ones do. Some of them have really great rates, too — like 0% interest. for example — and others don't even run a credit check! Come see what we found:

Online furniture companies that offer financing through Affirm

You're most likely familiar with the traditional model of financing a furniture purchase in-store. But when shopping online, we're used to paying full price, upfront. 

New companies like Affirm, however, are popping up to make your larger online purchases a little easier on your wallet. Affirm lets you finance furniture online, no credit check required!

Well, let's clarify a bit. Affirm does a 'soft credit check' to establish your identity and eligibility for financing, so there's no damage to your credit report. BUT, take note — they will report your payback history to the credit bureaus once you receive a loan from them, so make sure you pay those on time or early!

There are no hidden fees with Affirm, and you can apply and accept financing on the go with the Affirm mobile app. 

When it comes to APRs and interest rates, Affirm is comparable to other loan or financing companies. According to NerdWallet, their average loans offer 10-30% APR, but could end up being as low as 0% in some cases.

All you'll need to finance a furniture purchase through Affirm is an account. You can apply on the furniture site you're cashing out on at the time of purchase, or visit Affirm to create an account and sort through all the stores they work with. You can also visit their FAQ section if you have more questions about how Affirm works. 


The first stop along our tour of our favorite online furniture stores is Joybird. Joybird offers several categories of furniture and decor, like sofas, chairs, bedroom furniture, tables, and other decor.

Joybird also allows many of their products to be customized by color, fabric, style, cushion type, or leg type, and you can even see how each option  looks with your customization online before ordering.

We tried the Bryant Corner Chair in a few different colors, for example:

Nifty,  huh? Yeah, we like the indigo best. But with prices starting at $824 on sale, this chair doesn't look like it's in my price range today. But let me just hold on one minute — we haven't checked out Joybird furniture financing yet! This might make all the difference.

Joybird has partnered with Affirm to offer financing on their big ticket orders. All you have to do is sign up through Affirm financing, and you'll be able to make installments in 6-, 12-, or 18-month installments — whatever works for your situation.

I tested with with my cart, and it turns out I can pay for my chair in installments of as low as $49/month:

And with Affirm's 'soft credit check', it won't ding my credit score since they only confirm my identity and eligibility for credit. I can also qualify for 0% APR on either 12 or 18 payments. Cool! 

You can try it yourself by just adding an item to your cart and entering shipping info, etc., just like you were doing a purchase — then you can find out what Affirm is  willing to do for your financing. Check here, or you can create an account with Affirm and go from here.


Now we'll move on to another of our favorite online furniture stores, the lovely and wonderfully pet-friendly Burrow.

Burrow started with modular sofas, and now their collection has grown just a few items larger.

Burrow allows customization of many products as well — each modular piece can be shortened or lengthened as necessary for each household's changes over time.

I decided to shop for a love seat, and I liked it best in navy blue (again). Then I chose the light leg color, low arm rests, and paired it with an ottoman.

Perfect! Now the price:

$1140.00...Nope! That's too high for me today. So I guess I'll look into financing.

And I'm in luck, because there's an easy financing option. Plus, they offer free shipping and a 30-day trial so you can see if you like what you ordered. Stupendous!

Burrow furniture financing is also done through Affirm (same as Joybird above), and they'll actually cover the first 3 months of interest if you're approved.


Now we visit our third stop on the 'furniture finance online' train, Article.

Offering everything from sofas, sofa beds, tables, and bedroom furniture to outdoor seating, rugs, and decor, Article also has many customization possibilities.

I happen to like the Soma sofa beds, so I decided to customize one.

I opted for the Midnight Blue fabric. Then I read over the rest of the details and decided to keep everything else as is.

Then I headed for the checkout. To pay my bill of $1148 for my sofa bed, I can choose from PayPal, credit card, or Affirm financing at checkout. 

and delivery options are:

When I visited the checkout, I had to hit a button to 'complete order' which would take me to the Affirm site for my financing options. 

Campaign Living

Campaign Living does seating and accessories — and that's all they do. But even just those items can bring on a higher bill than you're prepared to pay. Whenever I want to buy furniture online from a store like Campaign Living, I consider the financing options available. Let's see what Campaign Living has to offer.

I've had my eye on an ottoman, and this color caught my eye:

It's Mojave Orange, with Mahogany stained legs. Kinda 70's-ish, which I like. So let's see the price we're working with next: $345 is my subtotal. My payment options are as below:

Once again, credit card, PayPal, or Affirm. To finance through Affirm, I'll be redirected to their website to complete my order securely. 

Benchmade Modern

Now we're heading into Benchmade Modern for a look around. 

Benchmade Modern makes sofas, chaises, ottomans, beds, pillows, and more. For this example, I decided to go with a Couch Potato Chaise, shown below. Look at all the fabric choices I have for it! 

If that's overwhelming to you, you can check out a fabric up close before you decide to put it on your sofa — just request a free swatch kit.

Ok, I've selected a fabric, and now I'm ready to customize my furniture.  I decided to go with the nice subtle Graham Blue.

Sounds great. Now we'll head to the checkout-

I didn't want to change the width or length, and I did not choose the Extra Deep seat - so I have a total of $1903. Financing, here I come! Luckily, Benchmade Modern accepts Affirm.

Here Affirm explains the requirements for their financing and how exactly it works, i.e. the 'soft credit check' to verify your identity and eligibility for financing. This was already covered, though, so let's go find some financing that works differently!

Online furniture brands that offer financing through AfterPay

Like Affirm, AfterPay is another company that allows you to finance larger purchases at your favorite online retailers. 

Also like Affirm, AfterPay requires no credit check. You just agree to pay for your item in 4 equal payments, once every 2 weeks. 

What makes AfterPay different from Affirm however, is that they don't charge any interest if you make your payments in full and on time. If you keep up your end of the agreement, you'll only pay the price of your item in full, no interest charged. The only time you're charged a fee is if you miss a payment. 

If you're interested in AfterPay, you can create an account here.

Casa de Interiors

With free local delivery and free shipping nationwide, Casa de Interiors offers living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture, household decor and more.

Browsing through the living room furniture, we decided we like the Elly sofa

But we aren't sure we can afford the $689 price tag at this moment. Plus, our credit may not be so stellar these days. Can someone finance furniture with bad credit online? Indeed, they can!

AfterPay to the rescue!

As mentioned above, you'll be able to split up your payment into 4 installments, with no interest charged (as long as you pay up on time).

If you can't find what you're looking for, here's a few of Casa de Interiors other catalogs.


Next we head over to Anthropologie to check their online furniture out. Looks like we've got bedroom, living room, and dining room items, so let's see what's in the dining room collection:

We decided we like this interesting Boro Star Console for our dining room.

Sharp. Very Jetson's. We're going to buy it, but we'll definitely need some financing assistance. As we've explored with different options like AfterPay and Affirm, you can often finance this type of online furniture, and pay monthly or bi-monthly on it. 

But what about financing online furniture with no credit check? Again, yes — AfterPay doesn't do a credit check, so you don't have to worry about any dings to your credit score. And Affirm only does a 'soft credit check' to verify your identity and eligibility for a loan, so that doesn't hurt anything either. 

Looks like there aren't any customization options for the Boro Star Console, since it's only offered in one color and size. So we just add it to our basket and go to checkout.

As a test, we went ahead and added 3 consoles to our cart, making our total $6,894 — we'll definitely need to finance. But if you look closely:

Sad trombone! We tried to click on the option below, only to find out that financing with AfterPay can only be used on orders with a total due ranging from $35 to $1000 — so our Boro Star Consoles are way too expensive! 

Keep this in mind when trying to shop for lager ticket items at certain stores. 

Urban Outfitters

Yep, they don't just have clothing and accessories — Urban Outfitters has furniture and decor for every room as well!

We hopped into the Home section of their website and browsed the furniture, deciding we would like to get a coffee table or side table and rug for our living room today. Come see what we found for tables:

And now for rugs:

After careful consideration, we decided on the Aggy side table, and the Ari Block printed rug, in 5x7 size.

We go to our shopping bag now to see if everything is correct:

Looks pretty good! Now let's see about our financing options this time.

We enter all our information, and it looks like we're eligible to check the circle for 'Installments by AfterPay' above. We kept our total amount within their specified perimeters this time. Superb!

So we click on 'Installments by AfterPay' and it gives us the dates and payments due if I agree to them. Looks pretty easy and clear to me - $60.42 every two weeks for 6 weeks, for 4 payments total. 

And here's the final fine print on the agreement, in case anyone wants to read up:

Note: There's more to it than what's above, you should really click on this link to see the whole thing if you're interested.

It looks like a pretty sweet deal, and I think I can pay that amount back successfully! Let's do it. When you really want to buy furniture, online finance can really save the day!

So there you have the top online furniture stores that offer the two main types of financing: Affirm and AfterPay; what do you think? Are you ready to take the plunge into some great financing options and treat yourself to that online furniture or accessory you've had your eye on? Or are you going to take the more cautious route and wait on it for a while? Either way, let us know your thoughts and what financing options you've tried before, either successfully or unsuccessfully. We look forward to hearing about it!

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